gaze, consider, contemplate

The need to create and protect simple places for silence and solitude seems deeply human – a need that all the mystics affirm and respond to in some way.

OP Orchard shed 2The community here has given a good deal of attention over the years to the priority of that need to contemplate, alone. Though as a guest in Freeland you may not experience every corner that is cared for, rest assured our little ‘huts’ are there. . .

sheds 2 and 3_5Hidden away behind a hedge, close to woods and to our orchard, is one place for us to paint, even sleep there close to the elements, or just take some moments to ‘place our minds before the mirror of eternity’. There are other places too.

Laurel Villa as 3

Whether we seek time and space to meditate and pray, whether we want to be closer to nature, or whether we need to be alone to write, we all need our secret spaces.

sheds 1 and 2

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