strictly sevillana

sevillana_full size7sevillana* looks so colourful that the novice may fear complex practice and trainingTryptich_marmalade_1rich lyrics explore country life, innocence, pilgrimage, everything about loveTryptich_marmalade_2choreography is passed on from generation to generation and knowing it is very useful sevillana_full size11sevillana can be enjoyed by all ages and sexes – and not only on fiestas Tryptich_marmalade_3sevillana has a deliberately limited musical pattern into which dancers infuse their own memories, creativity and experience sevillana_full size21but as lovers of Haiku or Blues may know, voluntary limitation can be a path to true creative freedom

[*the sevillana is a flamenco-like dance which, like the oranges for marmalade, originates in Seville, Spain]
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