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in the look of your eyes

Wisdom is more mobile than any motion. A reflection of eternal light, while remaining in herself she renews all things. She is more beautiful than the sun and excels every constellation of the stars. Compared with the light she is found … Continue reading

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a spread of apple trees gone wild

Looks warm, simple, ordered.  Yet there’s quite some discernment and heavy work to do before reaching the light at the end of the apple store. Not to mention gathering windfall.  The variety is astounding. There’s no single right place to start – … Continue reading

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what the wind and rain can do

Moist browns and yellows, mossy greens and auburn are giving our wellies a good crunch in the garden now. Our Autumn harvest offers a more saturated, peaty basket of smells. The birds are hungry by mid afternoon light. Wherever you look … Continue reading

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gaze, consider, contemplate

The need to create and protect simple places for silence and solitude seems deeply human – a need that all the mystics affirm and respond to in some way. The community here has given a good deal of attention over … Continue reading

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community self-sufficiency at the most basic

Providing enough food to see everyone flourish is where community self-sufficiency and sustainability begin. It means hard work, together, every single day of the year, but the result is so amazing. It all depends not only on the weather, the daily … Continue reading

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the daily Freeland round in Summer

Summer days are full of gatherings – raking the grass all over the lawn, orchard, cottage garden and on the terrace.. collecting and hulling strawberries… podding many peas and beans can actually be truly meditative…   picking the daily flourish … Continue reading

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wild life

Territorial, curious and hungry by turns, our wilder community members ensure that our life never descends to the merely humancentric… At magic hour the muntjac come into their own. And our final goodnights of course are always to our five … Continue reading

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Pentecost, Poppies and Polytunnels

Flaming June has left our vegetable gardens gasping for water. The poppies are privileged for their beauty in that they are permitted to remain wherever they emerge – even in the midst of the broadbeans.

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Hen Runs and Hot Spring

When July comes around, we’re to have a new tribe of hens in the garden. But – shhh – one musn’t tell the older hens, who are very sensitive on the subject. Recently they moved to a retirement hen-house so … Continue reading

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if you go down to the woods today

There is a bluebell wood about a ten minute walk from the convent, and since the bluebells this year happily coincided with Easter week, most of us took the opportunity to spend some time among the trees. When you finally … Continue reading

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