Saturday April the 2nd 2016

Profession in the Community of Sr Clare by Rev’d Sr Carolin Clare.


A joyful celebration –  Carolin Clare pictured signing her vows on the altar.

A happy day shared with family and friends.


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Holiday / Pilgrimage to Assisi

Most of the Sisters will be away for the month of November, we would appreciate no communications!=as our internet access will be limited.    Thank you for your prayer  and support for this time at the Anglican chaplaincy in Assisi. And we look forward to letting you know of our adventures when we are back here at the convent in December.


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in the field of the world and the human heart

IMG_2604celebrating Clare of Assisi this year


the garden (and shed) were vibrant with colourshed exhibition triptych

the heavens together with all creatures cannot contain the Creator – only the human soul
bandw clare day duo

and what incomparable treasure is hidden in that field

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the best season of your life

poppy rose christine_4

now is the time to know that all you do is sacred

planting trio

now is the time for the world to know that every thought and action is sacred

tulip tree_2

this is the time for you to compute the impossibility that there is anything but Grace

morris men trio

morris men sticks video-iPhone from Freeland Community on Vimeo.

5 morris men instruments

Now is the season to know that everything you do is sacred

tulip tree_3

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the risk of making

maple leaf tryptich

the image of the potter and the clay involves a relation of hands to the work which is the complete opposite of everything abstract, detached and controlled

margaret duo

the relation of the artist to the creation is a relation of loving involvement

orange trio

a dwelling in vulnerability to surprise and failure

mary music duo

a participation in the medium with all of one’s being

loom to music triothere is a risk as well as a passion and a power in making

cottage duo

the choice and movement of creation become a letting go, a dynamic relationship with the created without desire to command or subsume – creation is an outflowing of love

rachel painting duocreation is the defining act at the root of all being, and it is pure gift


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the breeze at dawn

daffodil testing_1in the days before easter dawned we prepared plaited challah, hot cross buns (over 50!) and a good deal of homey bread…  

baking tryptich

we boiled and painted eggs…

Easter2014_full size2

we gathered blossoms and spring flowers; and by saturday evening the monastery was decked yellow and white, smelling of easter goodies, and expectantly awaiting the dawn

blossom tryptich

the primal flame of the easter bonfire burned well and wild in the late spring wind at dawn; may it burn on within, a flame divided but undimmedEaster2014_full size1may it burn to dispel darkness, may it restore lost innocence, may it cast out hatred; may it burn on all year; the breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you – don’t go back to sleep

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strictly sevillana

sevillana_full size7sevillana* looks so colourful that the novice may fear complex practice and trainingTryptich_marmalade_1rich lyrics explore country life, innocence, pilgrimage, everything about loveTryptich_marmalade_2choreography is passed on from generation to generation and knowing it is very useful sevillana_full size11sevillana can be enjoyed by all ages and sexes – and not only on fiestas Tryptich_marmalade_3sevillana has a deliberately limited musical pattern into which dancers infuse their own memories, creativity and experience sevillana_full size21but as lovers of Haiku or Blues may know, voluntary limitation can be a path to true creative freedom

[*the sevillana is a flamenco-like dance which, like the oranges for marmalade, originates in Seville, Spain]
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lawn as white as driven snow


Deep round the convent rooves the snows are sparkling to the sun and moon

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you may say that by and large it is Toby who’s in charge


He establishes control by a regular patrol, and he’d know at once if anything occurred.

He will watch you without winking and he sees what you are thinking, and it’s certain that he doesn’t approve

of hilarity and riot, so the folk are very quiet when Toby is about and on the move

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glow light and grass blade

for festive blog_2homey hall-decking this festive season kindled many a small light for meditation…thanks to lots of fun and frolicks gathering the holly and the ivy, especially on Christmas Eve

greenery triptych blurred1(we did not miss out on the essential glitzy lights so crucial for a bit of cosy toasting)

for festive blog_3(nor did the opportunity for a glamorous black and white photo shoot go amiss)

for festive blog_1

advent christmas 2013_14moonlight and star light, owl and moth light, light through panes of windows and light reflected on polished stone… sometimes we see light but see not whence it comes

advent christmas 2013_55

bandw cloister light1

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