the daily Freeland round in Summer

Summer days are full of gatherings – raking the grass all over the lawn, orchard, cottage garden and on the terrace..

more grass raking

collecting and hulling strawberries…hulling strawberries

podding many peas and beans can actually be truly meditative…

podding peas and beans 

picking the daily flourish of sweet peas, often as the sun is just beginning to set. On very prolific days you’ll see and smell them all over the house. Gorgeous.

gathering sweet peas

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wild life

Territorial, curious and hungry by turns, our wilder community members ensure that our life never descends to the merely humancentric…

proud foragingAt magic hour the muntjac come into their own.

muntjac magic hour

And our final goodnights of course are always to our five feline friends…

five wild cats

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Pentecost, Poppies and Polytunnels

Flaming June has left our vegetable gardens gasping for water.

A Sister waters the peppers

The poppies are privileged for their beauty in that they are permitted to remain wherever they emerge – even in the midst of the broadbeans.


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Hen Runs and Hot Spring

When July comes around, we’re to have a new tribe of hens in the garden. But – shhh – one musn’t tell the older hens, who are very sensitive on the subject. Recently they moved to a retirement hen-house so that the main run can be thoroughly cleaned before the youngsters arrive…

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if you go down to the woods today

There is a bluebell wood about a ten minute walk from the convent, and since the bluebells this year happily coincided with Easter week, most of us took the opportunity to spend some time among the trees.

When you finally arrive, the swathes of flowers are just breathtaking. Like something out of a fairytale.

‘I tell you, not even Soloman in all his glory was clothed like one of these’

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