Our service is prayer. Everything else is intended to support, maintain and encourage us in our life of prayer. Most of our work deliberately uses only our hands or our bodies, leaving our minds free.

prayer at the eucharist,
the thanksgiving, the burning glass
kindling into unity all our life

prayer in the divine office,
the common prayer
of the church,

personal prayer
as the Holy Spirit
guides each of us,

prayer which may be expected
to use more and more
of our mind and spirit
until we can truly be said
to pray at all times:

as we share the necessary work in house and garden,
as we use individual gifts of mind or practical skill
to obtain the necessities of life,
in the external silence
which is the means to
a deep inner silence,
as we enjoy one another’s company
and in all our family life.

All is brought to God,
as in the eucharist,
that what is amiss may be healed,
what is good perfected,
that in all, God may be glorified.