Altar Breads

In our Altar-Bread room, we have five stoves to bake Communion wafers of various kinds: white, whole-wheat, gluten-free, both large and small.

Large wafers may be patterned with small crosses, plain or imprinted with a single large cross.

Each stove consists of 2 pizza-sized plates heated to roughly 140C, which come together clamshell-wise to bake the batter.

It is quite an art to manage four or five stoves single-handed. Since each giant wafer takes about a minute to be ready, an individual sister could be opening, emptying, refilling and cleaning around a stove roughly every twelve seconds for around 90 minutes at a time. Our stoves also bake at different speeds so they are constantly getting in and out of sync with one another.

It is not so dissimilar to the party trick where a juggler spins dozens of plates on tall sticks without dropping any.

Parcels of wafers are distributed to churches throughout the country and a few abroad.

Price Information
Baked by the Community, using organic flour from our local Cotswold Mill:-

Choice of white or wholemeal

  • 63 mm diameter (sold in packets of 40)
    • Large Cross design (with fraction mark on reverse): 9p ea.
    • Small crosses all over pattern: 8p ea.
    • Plain both sides: 7p ea.
  • 28 mm diameter (sold in packets of 500)
    • (Small cross all over design, or plain): £8.00 per bag of 500

Gluten free, non-wheat breads
Small square cut by hand: £4.00 per bag of 50

Concelebration breads
We also retail 140mm diameter breads, marked into 24 pieces: £9.50 – box of 25

Note: Packing & Postage extra

Cheques should be made payable to the COMMUNITY OF ST CLARE

Electronic payments: sort code 30-99-78 account 00321137

If you are interested in purchasing wafers or require further details please contact:

or write to:
The Altar Bread Room
St Mary’s Convent
Freeland, Witney.
OX29 8AJ

or phone 01993 881225 preferably mornings 10-11:30am